Episode 5: Amelia Musical Playhouse

The odd octagonal building just off of 8th Street is the subject of much curiosity in Fernandina Beach. In this episode of Under the 8, Christy and Tarah talk with Amelia Musical Playhouse owners, Jill and Gregg Dillingham, about their theater and most recent in the works production, ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, as well as life on the island. Listen to the interview as well as recording from the ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ auditions.

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Episode 4: Hurricane Matthew

This October, Fernandina Beach residents lived through the most powerful storm that the island has seen in years. Local hurricane hero, Chad Bridges and former Mayor, Johnny Miller, talk with Christy and Tarah about their unique perspectives during the storm. Chad Bridges stayed behind, posting video and picture updates for those who chose to evacuate. As Mayor, Johnny Miller helped the area navigate through the worst natural disaster of our lifetime. A special thank you to all of the first responders who worked hard to bring residence back to the island as quickly and safely as possible. Enjoy this special Hurricane Matthew episode of Under The 8.

Episode 3: William and Kathleen Maurer

In this episode we chat with local artists William and Kathy Maurer about their art, island life, and travels. We also take a side trip to the north end of the island to visit with Billy Burbank to hear a story about his family business, Burbank Trawl Makers, operating in Fernandina for over 100 years, for our new addition, Fernandina Flashback-stories from back in the day.

Kathleen & William Maurer
Tarah & Billy Burbank








Bill & Kathy Maurer’s website: http://maurerfineart.com/

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