Episode 15: Villa Villekulla Toy Store

In this episode we visit our favorite neighborhood toy store, Villa Vilakulla to play and chat with owner, Theresa Duncan. Named for the beloved landmark on the island, Pippi Longstocking’s house, this store offers fun for every age-from stuffed animal sleepovers to toys from your childhood. Enjoy!

Episode 14: Happy 1st Birthday to Us!

For the one year anniversary of Under The 8 we invited past guests to PJD’s to celebrate with us. While we did not record a formal episode, we did set up the microphones to record our conversation and to have our guests tell us how appearing on the podcast changed their lives. This episode highlights their responses. Programming Note: Please be aware that some responses are not kid-friendly (Pajama Dave, we’re looking at you!). Thank you to every one of you who has been a part of our first year. We look forward to sharing many more episodes of Under The 8 with you.

Business Spotlight: Amelia Toffee & Grocery Getters

We love local our local businesses! This is the first in our new addition to the podcast-a once a month local business spotlight. In this episode we get to know Grocery Getters and Amelia Toffee. Please support your local small business!

Episode 13: William Howery

In this episode we visit Violin Maker, Will Howery, at his home to see his violin workshop and talk with him about his violins. Will recently left his corporate job to pursue his passion full-time. We thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Will about violins and his life on the island.


Episode 13: Wild Dogs

In this episode we talk with local Zoologist and researcher, Mac McIntyre about his travels to remote areas of the world searching for wild pigs and dogs.  Mac also gives us his perspective on the likelihood of a Bigfoot existence and coyotes on Amelia Island.

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