Episode 20: Group 2 Candidate for City Commission

This episode is the second episode of our two part series with candidates for Fernandina Beach City Commission.  We are talking with candidate Phillip Chapman at BUYGO.

It was important to us to provide equal time to all candidates for City Commission. We asked the other candidate in Group 2  Tim Poynter, (currently seated on the Council) to interview as well in order to give all candidates fair time but Poynter declined.

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday Nov. 7th (more information here: https://www.votenassau.com/

Our greatest right and responsibility is voting.  Make your voice heard.

Episode 19: Group 3 Candidates for City Commission

Today we were at Buy-Go with the three candidates for Fernandina Beach City Commission: Chip Ross, Medardo Monzon & Orlando Avila. We posed the questions that the community asked on Facebook. This is your chance to learn more about  the City Commission candidates. We hope you take this information and exercise our greatest right and responsibility as Americans: voting.

Thank you to the community members who took us up on the  invite  to be a part of the audience for this recording.

Don’t forget to vote!

Episode 18: Shady Ladies Art

In this episode we visit Shady Ladies Art Gallery and chat with the Shady Ladies themselves about their upcoming first anniversary party. We also discuss their art, gallery events, the origin of the Shady Lady name, and of course on the island. Our co-host Baby Luke is also with us for this episode as you can hear throughout the interview. Enjoy!

Their one year anniversary party is this Thursday – Oct 5th 5pm-7pm at 432B South 8th St.

Episode 17: Jeff McDowell & the Maritime Museum

In this episode we talk with Jeff McDowell and the guys from the Maritime Museum of Amelia Island about a special WWII find that is now on display at the museum. We also hear about treasure hunting and a little island history.

Episode 16: Grand Opening of BuyGo

In this episode we talk with vendors and shoppers at the Grand Opening of Fernandina’s new neighborhood Grocer, Buy-Go. Located in the old Fred’s location, this store offers food, toiletries, coffee, wine, and more. As always we urge you to shop small and local. Enjoy!

Florida Life in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island