Episode 2: Open Mic/Songwriters Contest Fernandina Beach

On August 18, 2016 songwriters came together at the Open Mic/Songwriters Night at The Patio Place. Ten very talented songwriters entered songs into the “Summertime” theme contest. Tarah and Christy were there to meet the organizers, talk with the musicians and bring you some of their songs.

The guests and musicians for this episode are: Tony Merz & Brenda Savage, Denis Merz, Ray Odum, Alain LeLait, Brett Shephard, David Scarborough, Dillon Basse, Bob Jenkins, Autumn Rose, Dana Jenkins, Hambone Stumps, Kevin McGrath, and many more.

The winners of the Summertime Songwriting Competition: 1st Place: Ray Odum, 2nd Place: Dillon Basse & 3rd Place: Robert Jenkins

A word about the recording, especially to the musicians: the microphone was “hot” for much of the music, any quality issues you hear are the sole responsibility of the podcast recording engineer (ie: Christy) and we apologize in advance for not making you sound as absolutely wonderful as you do live. We would encourage everyone to come out to hear for themselves the multitude of talent that we have on this little of island of ours.

The next Open Mic is this Thursday, September 21st 6:30-9:30pm at The Patio Place 416 Ash ST., downtown Fernandina Beach (http://www.patioplacebistro.com)

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