Episode 27: Nuanz Coffee Roasters

Today we got to hang out with Gill and Barbara Johnston – the freshness fanatics at Nuanz Coffee Roasters.  In addition to learning more about them and the business of coffee and tea, we got to sample some of the Sumatra Roast (did you know a small spoon of sugar brings the taste out?) and some amazing teas, including a Turmeric & Ginger tea. Nuanz Coffees and Teas are available at Savory Market and numerous restaurants on the island.

An important note about this episode: our recording engineer (Christy) encountered multiple issues during today’s recording including SD cards that couldn’t be read. We lost some of the interview about the coffees but then were able to finish it up on video.

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Episode 26: Tarah and Christy

To start off our 2018 season, we decided to turn the tables and invite in a guest host, Jack Warren – host of Top Coach Podcast (and full disclosure – Tarah’s dad). Jack will be interviewing us about the podcast, why it came to be, our favorite moments and where we see it going.



Episode 24: John Sayles & Maggie Renzi

In this episode we have an impromptu interview with John Sayles and Maggie Renzi at the Rendezvous Film Festival and listen in to the Talk Back session on Friday, Nov. 17th. John  filmed “Sunshine State” in Fernandina and was the featured speaker at the 10th anniversary of the festival.

Sunshine State

John Sayles Blog

Episode 23: Chuck & Patty & The Rendezvous Film Festival

In this episode we visit Chuck Olivia and Patty Smith in their home to talk about the upcoming Amelia Island Rendezvous Film Festival and their documentary highlighting the local music scene, O Amelia!

The Rendezvous Film Festival is celebrating 10 years! The festivities begin on Thursday, Nov. 16th.

There is a line-up on films and events at the very end of the episode.

More information: http://www.rendezvousfestival.org/

Florida Life in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island