Episode 24: John Sayles & Maggie Renzi

In this episode we have an impromptu interview with John Sayles and Maggie Renzi at the Rendezvous Film Festival and listen in to the Talk Back session on Friday, Nov. 17th. John  filmed “Sunshine State” in Fernandina and was the featured speaker at the 10th anniversary of the festival.

Sunshine State

John Sayles Blog

Episode 23: Chuck & Patty & The Rendezvous Film Festival

In this episode we visit Chuck Olivia and Patty Smith in their home to talk about the upcoming Amelia Island Rendezvous Film Festival and their documentary highlighting the local music scene, O Amelia!

The Rendezvous Film Festival is celebrating 10 years! The festivities begin on Thursday, Nov. 16th.

There is a line-up on films and events at the very end of the episode.

More information: http://www.rendezvousfestival.org/

Episode 22: Philippe Boets & Petanque America

For this episode we are back at The Patio Place talking with Philippe Boets about Petanque America, the upcoming tournament and his love of Amelia Island.

Philippe brought us several goodies including stickers and cookies from one of the tournament sponsors Jules Destrooper a Belgium cookie company that gives a box of Butter Crisps to each player.

The Petanque America Tournament is this coming weekend: Friday Nov. 10th, Saturday Nov. 11th and Sunday Nov. 12th and there will be players coming from around the world.




Episode 21: Haunted Fernandina

This is a very haunted episode of Under the 8 from Bosque Bello Cemetery, a notoriously spirit filled spot on the island. Sherry Roberteen, a Fernandina local who is the keeper of some of the areas best kept stories, will tell tales of ghostly sightings around the island.

Florida Life in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island